Policy and Public Consultation Submissions

The submissions posted here serve—I hope—as a starting point for regular contributions to public consultations on issues of information policy. Sadly, participation in these efforts is typically limited to corporate interests and lobbying groups, and those voices dominate the discussion. Much more is needed, and I’m always interested in helping out. If you’d like to collaborate on a submission you think I’d be interested in, please contact me.

Canadian Communications Legislation Framework

These comments were submitted by Michael B. McNally and me as part of to ISED Canada’s Broadcasting and Telecommunications Legislative Review in January 2019.

Topics addressed include rural, remote and indigenous broadband connectivity, network neutrality, and recommendations for changes to the policy objectives of the Telecommunications Act.

The Office of the Privacy Commissioner’s position paper on online reputation

Created in April 2018, in partnership with Arija Fisher and Lorisia Macleod. This submission was a response to the Canadian Office of the Privacy Commissioner‘s position on online reputation (which centered on “the right to be forgotten”).

The Office has not yet posted or reported on submissions received as part of this notice of consultation.